Sunday, February 7, 2010


It has been almost half an year since I created my blog ; but never wrote any post.All blames on my sheer laziness.Now I realize I should start writing sooner or later so, lets get it started........

would start by sharing a poem which I had written sometime back & it still is very close to my heart. Maybe because I have always wanted to be in such deep love as is the chap in this poem....

A Promise ;

I don't promise you a life with oozing comfort,
Neither can I promise you tickets of big celebrity concert,
I can't provide you with whatever Jaisy gets from Albert,
Those ultimately beautiful tank tops,snickers and skirt,
Even I am not the smartest guy like Robert,
I cant give you a candle light dinner with dessert,
Frankly I cant afford it, that's why people call me a Pervert,
But I can tell you something, I would put in my every effort,
To make you smile whenever you are down and hurt.

P.S. - It Feels refreshingly good to blog!!! :-) Hoping that I can continue writing


  1. hehe... nice nice!!
    good 2 c u bloggin..
    i hop i 2 mange 2 getovr my monsTer laziness sumday :P

  2. grt work yaar ... :-)

    ya 'll find ya true love one day .. n tht's for sure... !

  3. vry nice poem yaar....
    i love it ...
    tune likhi ki kahin or se chraai......
    ha ha keep it up..:).....

  4. thank you all... thanks a ton :-)

  5. heya manish......!
    very well written...

    bt u knw wt...
    after reading dis i felt u have sumthing more in ur heart wich u've not written in wrds and included in dis,.....!!
    bt itna bhi gud job....!

  6. gr8 one mani, cnt gv uh ny comment as such!!!

  7. good poem... temme have u penned it while being in love or did u romanticize the poem as how it would be in love?

  8. Hi Mani,
    A good start...
    Welcome to being regular:-)
    The last line of the poem kinda makes up for it all:-)
    Hope to see u around:-)

  9. damn nice poem! pervert wala sentence sahi tha :P

    me from shit for tat blog..i had written that post..
    ur that vella to write such a long comment? :O OMG!

  10. n blog more!
    only 2 posts :O
    i thought u were vella :P

  11. @Smarak sir,
    Love has been a concept too alien for me till now.. :D
    This is what I feel I would feel when I will be in that thing called love :)

  12. @Suruchi ,
    Thanks a ton...
    yup , I hope last line will be one that counts ... :D
    Am just back and trying being regular... Pls catch me on my other blog :)

  13. @Mads..
    trust me, I define being vella these days ;)
    courtesy my college's controller of examination's community.
    I mean, who gives a week long holidays during exam? had last exam this 12th.. next on 18th :D

    and yup I will blog more and more.. thanks 4 the apprecition..
    I too love the vella wali line.. mast hai na..

    will look forward 4 ur comments on my new blog.. :)

  14. loved that jaisy gets frm albert rhyme, last three lines though steal the show, no surprise that this poem is so close to ur heart..enticng